Yellowquill College


Yellowquill College is Manitoba’s only independent Indigenous post-secondary institution; it is currently located on Long Plain First Nation Land contiguous with Winnipeg, Manitoba. Founded in 1984, the College is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of chiefs of the member nations of the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council.  Yellowquill College not only provides at its main campus high quality certificate and diploma programs in an “environment that preserves and enhances culture and tradition”,1 it also delivers educational and training opportunities off-campus and in partnership with surrounding First Nations communities. 

Yellowquill College is a member of the First Nations Adult & Higher Education Consortium (FNAHEC); the College was awarded a NIAB accreditation certificate in 2017.

Vision Statement

“Yellowquill College is a First Nation accredited educational institute of excellence, preparing and advocating for students to meet the needs of the 21st century and beyond while providing an appropriate environment that preserves and enhances culture and tradition.”

Mission Statement

“Mandated and established in 1984 by the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council, Yellowquill College embraces all learners and provides holistic education and training.  The college encompasses a team of dedicated and supportive professionals guiding our learners to achieve excellence and success in education, employment, and economic development.”



Key Programs

  • Business Certificate
  • Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager Diploma
  • First Nation Management and Administration
  • First Nation Child and Family Services Worker Diploma
  • Community Health Worker Program Certificate/Diploma (Modular)
  • First Nation Community Management Diploma (Modular)
  • Mature Student High School Diploma


480 Madison Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3J 1J1
Phone: 204-953-2800
Fax: 204-953-2810