Board of Directors

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    Deanna is from Kitselas of the Tsimshian Nation. She graduated from the University of British Columbia Native Indian Teacher Education Program, Master of Education in Leadership (UBC), and Interdisciplinary Studies PhD in Traditional Nisga’a Leadership (UBC). She has been a humanities high school teacher, university instructor, Aboriginal Education Coordinator for the Province of BC, and founding, and current, President / Chief Executive Officer of Wilp Wilxo’oskwhl Nisga’a Institute, the Nisga’a post-secondary institute in the Nass Valley.

Dr. Deanna Nyce
NIAB Chair
Board Member: Northern Region

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    Ashley is Kanien’keha, Tyendinaga Mohawk and Irish.

    Ashley is the Academic Dean, Stand Alone Programs at FNTI. Ashley has spent the past decade working in the field of Indigenous post-secondary education, seeking to improve the experience for Indigenous learners and help pave the path for our next generation.

    Ashley has worked through advisory and administrative roles, specializing in advocating for Indigenous priority areas, education and language revitalization efforts primarily. Ashley’s interests are in Haudenosaunee knowledges, Indigenous governance, Indigenous education, accreditation practices, storytelling, language revitalization, sustainable practices, and the creative arts.

Teyonehrahtaweěnrye Ashley Maracle
NIAB Vice-Chair
Board Member: Eastern Region

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    Post-Secondary Consultant
    Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey
    Membertou, Nova Scotia

Ann Sylliboy
NIAB Co-Correspondent
Board Member: Atlantic Region

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    Interim Director
    Yellowquill University College
    Winnipeg, Manitoba

Doreen Beauchamp
Board Member: Central Region

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    Sherri Chisan, ipkDoc, nehiyaw iskwew onicikiskwapiwinihk ohci, is serving as President at University nuhelot’įne thaiyots’į nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills (UnBQ). She also currently holds the role of Director of Research and is lead faculty in the Doctoral Program. She joined UnBQ in 1998 to coordinate the development and delivery of the Leadership & Management Program, and then the Indigenous Artists Program and Doctoral Program. Sherri has a particular interest in Indigenous Research, and her commitment to Indigenous Knowledge and ceremony informs her work. Advancing sovereign Indigenous post-secondary education is a passion, and she believes that Indigenous Accreditation is key in that process.

Dr. Sherri Chisan
Board Member: Western Region

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    Rebecca now serves as the President-CEO of Six Nations Polytechnic (SNP), a centre of excellence for Indigenous, specifically Haudenosaunee, community-based learning life long learning offering literacy, trades training, high school, college and university level programs.

    Rebecca considers Indigenous controlled accreditation systems to be essential to the articulation and affirmation of the distinctness, integrity and quality of Indigenous education as Indigenous controlled accreditation systems acknowledge and value the world views, knowledge, histories, traditions and cultures inherent in Indigenous education.

Dr. Rebecca Jamieson
Board Member: Eastern Region

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    Government Relations and Institutional Planning Officer
    First Nations University of Canada
    atim kâ-mihkosit (Red Dog) Urban Reserve
    Regina, Saskatchewan

Rebecca Morris-Hurl
Board Member: Central Region